About Us

Shopmerix (formerly Merix Suppliers) is an authorized distributor of genuine instant showers, shower heads, tankless heaters & heating elements in Kenya. Brands: Anlabeier, LORENZETTI, FAME, Enerbras, Midea and Wateria.

Shopmerix is a company based in Nairobi, Kenya. We are committed to delivering high quality goods with a main focus on instant showers, tankless heaters, house appliances, electrical goods and fittings; all with countrywide delivery.

At Shopmerix, you can expect the best service possible as we work together to serve our customers’ needs to the best of our ability. See the hundreds of customers who’ve left us Google reviews and what they have to say about our company.

From brands like Anlabeier, LORENZETTI, FAME, Midea, ENERBRAS, WYZE CAM, TRONIC, SPARKO, ASL and more. We offer lasting solutions with warranty.

Our expertise in various models of instant showers makes us your one stop shop for the best instant showers in Kenya. We provide solutions for varying situations like normal/ fresh water instant showers, hard water/ salty water/ borehole water instant showers, mildly salty water instant showers, low/ too high water pressure instant showers, extremely salty water instant showers, tankless heaters instant showers, among others.

We are based in Nairobi CBD and do most of our sales online. However, you’re welcome to visit our shop during business hours if you so wish. We also deliver goods countrywide.