Products with warranty are manufactured under strict process of quality control and testing as per international standards.

Such a product has warranty against manufacturing defects for the original customer.

The warranty is valid for a period of 1 year beginning on the date of issue of the invoice/ receipt.

This warranty covers exclusively the replacement and/ or repair of only the parts that are demonstrably defective in workmanship or material.

Excluded are defects arising from use (e.g. blowing of a heating element), damage caused by electrical faults, power surges, short circuits, among others; and/ or improper installation.

Warranty Notes (Instant Showers, Water Heaters & Pumps – Where applicable)

  • Covers manufacturing defects, but not by misusage or improper installation.
  • Does not cover burning of heating element/ coil.
  • Does not cover water leakage due to unit’s subjecting to conditions exceeding stated parameters.
  • Does not cover effects due to poor/ improper electrical installation and supply.
  • Does not cover unit if usage exceeds 1 year from date of purchase (proof of such is mandatory).
  • Does not cover unit if seal has been opened and/ or tampered with. Unit’s opening is only allowed at the heating element chamber by a qualified technician for changing of the heating element (for instant showers and heaters).

To raise a claim for products under warranty, presentation of the purchase receipt/ invoice is mandatory.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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